Frequently Asked Questions

This information is provided to assist you in understanding the coverage being offered and does not modify the terms and conditions of any insurance policy, nor imply a claim is covered. Specific coverage terms vary by class of business. See your policy for full details.  

How do I add users to my account?

Go to 'Users' under 'Agency Settings' to send invites to anyone you want to access your agency profile…be on the lookout for what role you are assigning them. Their authority level will be assigned based on this invite. The person added will receive an invitation email that will walk them through creating their login/User ID credentials. This is especially handy for Accounting/CSR roles.

How do I make the whole process more 'hands-free'?

Enable the 'Hands Free Affiliate Broker' process under 'Add New Features' to have a personalized link where the clients can complete policy purchases themselves. 5% commission applies as our dedicated Customer Support Team handles all policy questions. Drive traffic to this link by placing it on your website and residual, touchless affiliate rewards will be paid via ACH in the month following the effective date for each policy.

What is the commission amount?

The standard commission is 10% for policies you book through the Traditional Broker method. It is the same for Agency Bill or Direct Bill Payments. You can add a fee as well to charge your client…if you do, Agency Bill is usually the easier payment process.

How do I enable Direct Bill payments?

Starting on the 'Home' screen, hit the 'Add New Features' to complete the process for enabling Direct Bill payments(using the client's Debit/Credit card). Once complete you can use the new payment method instantly!

How do I sign up?

Click 'Join Today' on the homepage to start the registration process. Enter your agency/broker information as called for. You will enter your license information and Errors & Omissions Insurance policy as well. Note:  Be careful to only write coverage in states where you are you are correctly licensed. Once you complete the registration process, you will be able to quote new business instantly!

What is NOT covered by Event Liability Insurance?

Unfortunately, we just can’t cover everything. Honestly, no insurance policy will. This policy is intended to cover the liability of the insured on the policy (usually the event holder). If the wedding venue used duct tape to hold up a door frame and it fell and hit a wedding guest - the venue should be responsible and will likely need to file a claim with their own insurance company.

Here are some types of claims that your Special Event Liability Insurance policy won’t cover:

Claims arising out of:

  • Amusement Devices, Rides, Inflatables
  • Animals (unless animal event type is purchased)
  • Assault & Battery
  • Automobiles, Aircraft or Watercraft
  • Cannabis & any Cannabis derivative
  • Criminal or intentional acts
  • Firework/Pyrotechnics/explosives
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Theft
  • Unmanned Aircraft (like drones)
  • Weapons (including firearms)
  • Excluded Event Types listed in the Terms & Conditions

Claims of injury to:

  • The Insured
  • Anyone compensated by the Insured
  • Anyone practicing or participating in a demonstration, show, competition, contest or athletic event (contact us about participant coverage options)
  • Employees (you need a worker’s compensation policy)
  • Performers, crew and volunteers

This is just for your reference and isn’t a full list of exclusions. The full details of these exclusions and others can be found in the full policy document. Please call us at 530-648-1100 for the most current sample policy document.

What is the difference between Host Liquor and Retail Liquor Liability?

Host Liquor Liability is the coverage for event holders that will have alcohol at the event, but are not selling alcohol. The liability could transfer from the drinker to the host when the drinker shows signs of intoxication and then is served, or is allowed to serve themselves more alcohol. Host Liquor will be excluded from the policy if the insured is in the business of selling, professional serving or distributing alcohol. If the insured is selling, serving or distributing alcohol, Retail Liquor Liability should be included on the policy.

Do you offer cancellation coverage?

Yes! We currently offer cancellation coverage for weddings. When the coverage is available, your client will be offered to purchase this coverage in addition to the general liability coverage.

Is there a deductible on the policy?

Our least expensive policy comes with $1,000 deductible, however we also offer a $500 or $0 deductible. For our venue partners we suggest a $0 deductible. In the case of a covered claim for property damage to your venue, it is ideal for the policy to pay on the first dollar of the claim rather than your client being responsible for $1,000 when they may have already paid thousands of dollars to use your facility. There is a very minimal cost increase for the $0 deductible but it will offer you peace of mind when filing smaller property damage claims.

Who should be listed as additional insured?

Common Additional Insureds are the owner, landlord, manager or tenant of a venue.

Do vendors need to have insurance as well as event organizers?

Yes! Contrary to what most people think, the event organizer’s insurance likely will not protect a vendor or the venue if a third party claim is the vendor’s fault. If the caterer causes a burn to the venue’s wood flooring and they don’t have insurance and can’t pay out-of-pocket, the event organizer could be stuck taking them to court or just end up paying for the damage themselves.

What happens if an intoxicated guest drives home and causes injury to another motorist?

This is a tough question to answer because it can get very complicated. The driver’s auto insurance is always going to come first. And the laws on who is legally liable in a situation like this are different in every State. But, if a claim is made, the auto exclusion on the policy will apply. However, depending on the situation, the nature of the lawsuit and the State laws, if you are brought into a lawsuit the insurance company could provide you with defense.

Does the coverage still apply if guests are staying on our property overnight?

Event Insurance is covering claims that arise out of the event. Our program is unique in that we have at least one carrier that is willing to provide coverage for the event if guests are staying overnight. However, if the claim is not due to the event, it may not be covered. If the party is continuing until the wee hours of the morning then the event insurance would still provide coverage. However, if a guest slips in the shower when they’re getting ready to leave the next morning, there would likely not be any coverage available for that injury.

Can you give me some examples of past claims that have been covered?

The Maid of Honor fell while dancing and twisted her ankle. The MedPay limit of $5000 was paid out since it wasn’t anyone’s fault but her own.

Epoxy covering one the venue’s floors were severely scuffed after renters moved all the tables and chairs around dragging them along the floor. Cost to repair was paid at $13,000.